Getting To Know Viagra

Getting To Know Viagra

Getting to Know Viagra

Whether Viagra is required to help to increase libido and sex drive, or if it’s been prescribed medically to assist with erectile dysfunction or stimulation in general; the bottom line is that Viagra often receives a bad rap – and one that is entirely undeserved. Yes it may be an oral treatment that can modify the way in which genitalia functions, but a little known fact is that Viagra is the only known organ-enhancing drug that has been both approved and endorsed by the FDA.


Viagra, otherwise referred to in the medical and pharmaceutical industry as Sildenafil, is one of a group of drugs called Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, or PDE-5. These drugs were originally developed to aid men that suffer with erectile dysfunction, or more specifically; to assist the way in which sexual arousal is able to occur within the genitalia. In many instances, a man may suffer erectile dysfunction if he is tired, lacking confidence, under the influence of alcohol or via more natural causes like age and illness.

When a man is aroused, his penis will produce a chemical known as nitric acid and this acid will then produce an enzyme which aids in muscle relaxation. This muscle relaxant will feature in muscles around the body when produced in excess, but it will prioritize a softening of the erectile tissue above all else. As this tissue is relaxed, it is much easier for blood to enter the location and collect within the tissue to both develop and maintain an erection.

In cases like those briefly mentioned above, a male’s genitalia may not be able to absorb and contain as much blood flow as is required and the result can be a flaccid or dysfunctional penis. As a result, Viagra was developed to help to control the chemical balance within the genitalia whilst maintaining sexual arousal for a prolonged period of time. This can enhance the nervous system in to a heightened sensitivity which can be very pleasurable during sex, as well as enable a man to achieve an erection when all other options have been exhausted.

Contrary to popular belief; Viagra can’t tackle the role of a sexual stimulant if the chemicals aren’t already present. This means that a man will need to be aroused beforehand in order for the properties of Viagra to work effectively. Without arousal, the chemicals will simply go to waste and be expelled from the body over time. But with a Viagra treatment in a man’s system; the genitalia will be able to produce much higher volumes of both nitric acid and the enzyme cyclic guanosine monophosphate (also known as cGMP), so that the genitalia can remain in a consistent state of arousal as opposed to dwindling over time.

As the drug is approved by the FDA, it is considered to be one of the safest methods of treating erectile dysfunction in men as opposed to cheaper alternatives that can often be risky and far more expensive. More at

Viagra And Blood Pressure

What do you think, does Viagra increase blood pressure?

Well, many of you probably think that it does, but it doesn’t. Probably you are not very well informed, I wasn’t either, and because of that I didn’t take it. So ordered Viagra caps from  a store in Australia and that definitely didn’t send my blood pressure through the roof. Viagra is lowering the blood pressure. But remember; do not take Viagra in order to lower your blood pressure. Also, there is no doctor that will tell you to take Viagra for your high blood pressure.

What is Viagra?

Viagra is a name for a drug that is called Sildenafil. It is a class of drug which is known as PDE-5 inhibitors. This drug helps men with the condition erectile dysfunction (male impotence). It is enhancing the erectile response only when a man is sexual stimulated.

How does Viagra work?

How actually is Viagra working? How can it lower the blood pressure? Well, first you should know that Viagra doesn’t cause a man to be sexually aroused. The pill will be effective if only you are sexually aroused. So, in order to understand how it works, you need to know how a man gets an erection.

Getting sexually stimulated, the nervous system in the erectile tissue of the penis will release nitric oxide, NO. Then this is stimulating an enzyme that produces a messenger called cyclic guanosine monophosphate or shortly cGMP. This cGMP is relaxing the smooth muscle cells. This brings the arteries in your penis to dilate and then the bloods can easily flow into it. Second, its result is that the arteries in the erectile tissue are filled with blood. These situations results in erection. So, Viagra is maintaining the level of cGMP.


Is Viagra effective?

Yes, Viagra is definitely effective. It is shown that is a lot more effective when compared with placebo. It results in significant improvement in erectile function.

How does it affect blood pressure?

Here comes the main point. Viagra can slightly lower the blood pressure. This is not a problem for most of you, but when is used with medicine to lower a high blood pressure, mainly nitrates drugs can have a bad effect. Your blood pressure will drop very low which is not good. This also means that you should take Viagra if you have very low blood pressure. If you have one of these conditions, you will need to talk to a doctor before taking Viagra.

Viagra is the best solution for ED

Viagra is the best solution for ED

Using Viagra was the best thing that can happen to me and to all other men that are having problems with erection. Having this condition is putting down our confidence and is making very big problem not just for us but for out wives and girlfriends. But not many of us know that this drug still doesn’t have legal generic version and are purchasing online generic forms.
I know that everyone having this problem is in desperation to find a way to get it more cheaply, but in the USA there is no legal generic Viagra, the patent is still on, until April 2020.

Generic Viagra Price

But, Europe and Canada are very lucky because the Viagra’s patent has expired and they have availability of the generic version of Viagra in Australia. They are able to purchase legally for a lot less money than the Viagra that is making my Pfizer. This means that more and more men will buy generic Viagra because there weren’t able financially to buy the expensive


In United State everyone is waiting for this moment. There are people there that can’t afford Viagra and are risking buying generic illegal Viagra on the internet.

The Viagra Patent In Canada

We were so happy here in Canada when the top-selling drug, Viagra, from the Pfizer’s legal monopoly got on shredded. The Supreme Canadian Court ruled out that 7-0 for the companies must have its patent taken away just because the drug company attempted to game the system without any disclosing what their invention really was.

Pfizer acquired its Canadian patent for Viagra without naming the compound that is made from. Like all other patent systems, also Canadian is a bargain between patents. They are given a limited monopoly on a product or a process and the public. This is supposed to be beneficial from the disclosure of a new invention; it is noted in the justice’s opinion.

The successful company

The ruling said that Pfizer had the information that was needed to disclose the useful compound and they choose not to release it. Because of the matter of the policy and also the sound statutory interpretation, a patent cannot be allowed to ‘game’ the system in that way.
The company that brought the generic Viagra in Canada is Teva Pharmaceuticals, based in Israel, which is the world’s largest drug company. This will cut the Pfizer profit in almost nothing.